Monday, 13 September 2010

Life's Angels and drum hitters

So...what do angels and djembes (West African drums) have in common? Well...I saw an angel playing a djembe the other day in Buchanan Street in Glasgow's city centre.

Terry from Gambia (or was it Ghana he said?) was playing away and singing in his native language with a huge grin on his face while catching the eye of passers by and making them smile. And all this in a busy, frantic and slightly stressed lunchtime pedestrian shopping street. 

After twenty minutes of smiling, drumming and singing he stopped and collected the money that folks had dropped in his cap and as he walked forward I though he was going to buy himself a can of coke or something from the newsagent. But no! He walked up to a young woman collecting for charity and dropped a share of his coins into her bucket. Suprised? Not after I had got talking to Terry from Ghana...or was it Gambia?........

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