Sunday, 28 October 2012

The errors of history - the history of errors

Being back in Jerusalem in August and September was both very challenging and very informative. It’ll take a while for it to manifest itself in any future works. In the meanwhile all I can say is that my immediate and on going response I hope will be a compassionate one…it makes me think of 
(thanks, as always, Foy)

So what about this current body of six new works on line for November?

Well, as usual I can see repeat patterns and recurring motifs such as the standing stone (with the word "stone" sprayed on it by some bored graffiti writer!). Or the carved stone hand, both of which refer obliquely to the ubiquitous Jerusalem limestone (used for all building and paving) while also pointing to the source of all that Jerusalem is cursed and charmed with…its sanctity…its sacredness.

In a wider sense, these works also speak of my concern for the widening gaps between faith and science, and between different faiths on the one hand, and our seeming lack of concern for our world on the other.

We live in a fragmented global society where bridge building between cultures and the furthering of our understanding and appreciation of such divergent cultures must be pursued with a non-judgemental compassion.

We live on a Fragile Earth, of which we have been given stewardship, and which in turn supports our very existence. We would do well to remember that.