Saturday, 2 March 2013

Mada Mekudash (Heb.) = Sacred Science

Essentially, these new oils were made in a single three week explosion of creativity over Christmas. It was a prolonged moment of inspiration, the catalyst of which was a single condensed moment of sheer panic when I realised that I had absolutely no oil paintings left to show prospective clients in the New Year!

The etchings are a different matter altogether, two of which came about after I was encouraged to look again at older plates from the late 90’s that had never really be satisfactorily completed (now called Dreaming of Jerusalem and Babylon Recall). Most of the rather minimal images were erased from the plates with a heavy duty power grinder and then re-polished leaving traces of things to re work (the palimpsest idea again…see the post on November 2011 below)

The third etching, the one titled Mada Mekudash is one that I started while in Jerusalem last summer and although I have been working on them all consistently since then, they have taken a long time to finish. I think it was worth it. I hope you do too.

And I’ll be back in Jerusalem working on new mezzotints at Jerusalem Print Workshop in June.