Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Reason or Revelation - new work for June 2011

I guess what has developed in the new works ("If I had one wish..." and "Does my bomb look big in this?") is an obsession for yet more detail. Or perhaps it is more correct to observe that mezzotint has always sharpened both my awareness of the potential for, and the desire to achieve the rendering of images that I am making with a greater finesse.

As far as content goes, it is really a continuing development of the theme Reason or Revelation that I have touched on before (see the post below for September 2010 about last Octobers new work). That is why I re-organised the website with a new section under that title and grouped work from 2006 onwards in it. With hindsight it is possible to see 2006 as a time of transition, seeking , developing and incorporating images from my interest in science within the greater pool of source material that I delve in to. "Integrae Naturae" is perhaps a good example from 2006.

And "The Last Supper"...?

For those waiting for news of developments, just click on the picture of my studio above to enlarge it. I know some of you have said you don't necessarily want to see the painting in progress so I hope this view only gives you a glimpse! To date I have started half of the figures and have them in place. I still have to finish them and then consider the others alongside all of the still life elements for the table top (not to mention the table cloth itself!), the objects for hanging on the back wall...whatever they may be and also if I am going to get Leo the dog back in. Who knows? I'll keep you informed though.